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CGreen Cement

Cement is an energy and environmentally intensive material and is part of the building climate chain.

We, Buzzi Unicem and Cement Hranice, are committed to continuously reducing CO2 emissions throughout our cement production and processing chain.

The production of cement clinker generates large amounts of CO2. Approximately two-thirds of this can be attributed to process emissions from limestone calcination and approximately one-third to combustion-related CO2 emissions.

We are reducing energy-related CO2 emissions by optimising the efficiency of our plants and increasingly using alternative fuels with a certain calorific value to replace fossil fuels.

To reduce emissions from the process caused by raw materials, we are replacing limestone, which contains large amounts of CO2, with alternative raw materials containing calcium and already calcined materials.

In addition to the above options, Buzzi Unicem has introduced the CGreen label, which are our cements with more main ingredients and thus a reduced carbon footprint.

For CGreen cements, we decided to reduce the energy-intensive clinker content with other main ingredients such as blast furnace slag, limestone. These cements must fully meet the needs of the concrete and construction industry. In this way, we strive to optimise the parameters and environmental performance of our cements.

CGreen represents the natural evolution of our cements in line with a long tradition of high quality and high-performance products. In accordance with the principles of sustainable development, we are well aware of the importance of assessing the environmental impact of our cements throughout the entire life cycle of buildings, and therefore our goal is to continuously seek materials that are increasingly environmentally friendly.

The Global Warming Potential (GWP) indicator represents the carbon footprint of each individual binder, with the cements that make up the CGreen range being the most environmentally friendly.

Cements with optimised composition, whose production produces less than 0.5 t CO2/ 1 t of cement, have the CGreen designation. In our product portfolio these cements are:



What does the name CGreen mean?

The letter "C" in the name symbolizes the 5C approach of the European Cement Association CEMBUREAU.

The 5C approach describes our industry's pathway to complete CO2 reduction by 2050 in the stages of the cement value chain.