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Stakeholder Engagement

Establishing relationships with our stakeholders means getting to know them, understanding their needs, and encouraging their involvement in events concerning the existence of our plants and in strategic initiatives that are of potential interest to them.

Buzzi SpA views Stakeholder Engagement as a systematic process aimed at creating value, and is a fundamental tool for promoting the active involvement of people and sharing the principles and values on which our company is founded. Stakeholder Engagement is to be proactive, systematically regular and transparent and this happens by promoting and maintaining ongoing initiatives and strategies pursued by the company in the near- and medium-term. Such a dialogue facilitates relationships and constructive interactions with stakeholders, in the pursuit of areas of convergence between the company’s business activities and the expectations of the territories in which we operate.

For many years our factories have been open to visits with the aim of explaining cement production and the technologies used throughout the production process. The plants are also involved in workshops and occasions for gatherings and reflections on many topics of interest for local communities. Other initiatives, like “High Five”, promote school-work rotation programs developed in conjunction with the schools and foster a close-knit collaboration between businesses and educational institutions. 

Stakeholder Engagement is an essential process for familiarizing ourselves with each other’s expectations, building awareness, and generate change in the belief that building good relationships is the most effective tool for transforming and improving ourselves first and foremost.