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Cement Hranice perceives long-term sustainable growth as a process that contributes to meeting the needs of today without undermining the needs of future generations. The concept of long-term sustainable growth is founded on the formation of values that benefit all parties involved – customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, and indeed the wider public. Cement Hranice is well-recognized for its social responsibility. Our company is particularly oriented to regional support.

For the fulfilment of all these responsibilities Cement Hranice deploys the Integrated Management System with its three certification systems. These are utilized within our company and reviewed at regular intervals.

Environmental protection

At Cement Hranice company we are fully aware of our responsibilities regarding the environmental impact of our production and therefore we are striving constantly to limit our footprint at all stages of manufacturing, distribution and sales. Our top priorities include protection of air and water quality, dust and noise reduction, reduction in consumption of energy during production and the conservation of non-renewable resources.

An important step in the fulfilment of our priorities has been the installation of a dust-removing facility at a cost of 150 million CZK, which has reduced the production of nitrogen and sulphur dioxides. All toxins are measured with accurate instrumentation and their values assessed by the operations system that prevents them from exceeding statutory limits. For longer-term emission reduction efforts, we are modifying the composition of our product range, to ensure that Cement Hranice produces cements that contribute to this goal.

As one of the fundamentals in waste-minimalization is also the effort to conserve natural non-renewable resources. By utilizing alternative fuels, Cement Hranice helps protect natural resources and at the same time contributes to the ecological disposal of various waste types which would otherwise end up on dump sites.

Ever since the cement-works began operating, particular attention has been paid to the aesthetics of the plant’s surroundings. In the works area thousands of trees and shrubs have been planted, as well as the installation of a system of water reservoirs. In the quarrying and processing of limestone, emphasis is given to saving the environment, and especial care given to protection of flora and fauna.

Social responsibility

Social responsibility is understood at Cement Hranice as the effort to form and maintain relationships. We believe that thanks to dialogue with others we can discover shared social interests while responding to the needs of individuals.

The vision of Cement Hranice is first and foremost oriented to its qualified workforce as the essential capital value of the company, without which we would not be able to support any development of our values. The company’s management thus supports all efforts in this area, while also offering employees opportunities for professional and personal development. We provide professional and language training, a wide range of social benefits, pensions, capital insurance and insurance in the event of injury or death. We devote attention also to preventative and rehabilitational health care. We contribute to the costs of meals for employees and organize a range of annual social and sports activities for personnel and their families. Last but not least, we strongly prioritize health and safety in the work environment and we are attested by the health and safety management certification system OHSAS 18001.

Golden Permon award

At the beginning of May 2008 Cement Hranice company achieved the recognition that enabled us to win the “Golden Permon” award for mining safety. This award is bestowed on bodies that are monitored by the Czech state Mining Inspectorate in recognition of high achievement in the area of workplace safety. The awarding body is comprised of the Czech Mining Inspectorate, trade unions representing the mining, geological and oil industry workers and the Czech Building Workers’ Union, in collaboration with Kooperativa Insurance company.

The award is bestowed on the basis of a decision by the commission whose members are represented by the president of the Czech Mining Inspectorate. The decision on the award was made to acknowledge the upholding of workplace safety principles and conditions in mining over the past year.

Our social responsibility is focused not only on employees but on society as a whole. We strive to support constructive dialogue with local citizens and with the wider public, who are invited regularly to view our production facility on open days.

An important expression of our social responsibility is via the financial support of the four main areas of humanity - social affairs, education, sport and culture. One of many classic social responsibility activities is the Cement Hranice Grant Scheme, within which the company announces and actively contributes to the annual award of 200,000 CZK of funding to local social projects in the Hranice region. A further key focus for our social responsibility is the financial support to primary and vocational schools, who are nurturing new professionals to work in the construction business. Regular financial and material help is also given to the Větrný Mlýn Skalička home for people with mental disabilities, the Kelč care home and the children’s department of Hranice Hospital.

A large financial contribution is also made to sports activities for young people via our own HC Cement Hranice handball club.

Cement Hranice company has been working with other manufacturers in the region to develop dialogue with state and local authorities and citizens’ groups. Under the auspices of Microregion Hranice we have supported the Development Agency project, aimed at working to improve cultural life by supporting a range of cultural activities in the region.