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CEM III/A 42,5 N

Powder binder produced by grinding of the mixture of the below ingredients and additives specified in Article 5 of the technical standard ČSN EN 197-1 in the composition according to Table 1.

Portland cement clinker (K)
Granulated blast furnace slag (S)
Calcium sulphate
Additional component

Used for concrete, reinforced concrete building structures which do not require high initial strength and rapid increase in strength. CEM III/A 42,5 N is suitable for concrete of higher and conventional strength classes. This cement is suitable for concreting of massive building facilities and for concreting in summer (warm) season due to the lower hydration heat development. Concrete with blast furnace cement has an increased resistance to aggressive environments and is less susceptible to efflorescence. The concrete with this cement is associated with continuation of the increase in strength even after the specified standard of 28 days compared to the constant strength values of Portland cement. This cement is not suitable for concreting in winter (in the negative outdoor temperatures).